Inside Studio Fundamentals Online (4 hours)

Course Outline

The course takes the form of hands-on training creating and developing the links between your chosen data source(s).

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will know how to

  • Link to a data source via different methods
  • Cleanse data where needed
  • Join tables to expand the extracted data
  • Link the data to Excel in order for the user to generate reports
  • Create user types and set language, login and language options
  • Create Groups and assign users
  • Set access rights to the various modules
  • Set group security to reporting parameters

Inside Studio Fundamentals Prerequisites

This course assumes the participant has a basic understanding of the structure to the underlying data that they would like to extract from, a basic understanding of a database structure and the fields that are necessary for reporting purposes.

Who should attend

Those users who are responsible for the building and maintaining of data extraction from varying sources.