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Our goal is to deliver software that transforms the business decision making process

BME delivers business intelligence software solutions that improve decision making, save time and adapt quickly to changes in your environment. We implement, support and maintain Qlik, F9, Inside XL, Quantrix, Power BI and Talentia CPM.


BME HE User Days

The most recent BME Higher Education Conference was held in Barcelona, Spain on 17 and 18 May 2018.

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Analytics for Higher Education

BME have implemented business intelligence and reporting solutions at over 40 Higher Education institutions. Please visit our Higher Education pages to find out more.


BME Solutions work with around 40 UK university customers that use Qlik for business intelligence and data analysis. Qlikview enables analysis capabilities that are unthinkable in traditional technologies

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If you know Excel, you can use Inside XL. Inside reads data directly from data sources – you never need to retype another number in Excel again. Collect and merge data from various ERP sources into a single Excel spreadsheet.

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UK University Customers


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Feedback from previous clients

"No other BI product could be configured in the one month it took to develop the Qlkview student data application. Qlikview enables analysis capabilities that are unthinkable in traditional technologies - along with unparalleled flexibility, performance, and simplicity."

Anglia Ruskin University

"Qlikview applications empower our users to query data themselves, instead of relying on static reports being delivered. Qlikview developers required only 3 days external consultancy to develop applications for deployment to end-users.”

Bath Spa University

"Qlikview is a dynamic tool which allows users to answer their own questions without report writing. We have created an environment which allows new information to be discovered."

University of Leeds

"BME is a great organisation, it is a very friendly organisation. We didn't feel like we were being sold to, in the same way we might do by other providers"

Royal Holloway, University of London

“As a consequence of the rapid development capabilities of QlikView, the University has been successful in obtaining JISC project funding as part of its BI programme.”

University of East London

We have found spreadsheets limiting and other products expensive or unable to deliver. Within a few days we developed a basic student planning model in Quantrix which far surpasses anything we have done before.

Bath Spa University

We have not found any significant issues with any of the models, which is a paradigm shift from our previous spreadsheet based process. I’m really ecstatic with how well it went.

Education Corporate of America

The National University of Singapore has used Quantrix to develop an integrated long term resource planning model covering all key aspects of university revenue, expenditure, student enrolment and staffing levels.

Office of Resource Planning

The more I saw of Quantrix, the more I realized that this is what universities need users can model multiple dimensions of planning, and put them all together in a workable, usable model.

Stanford University

Our Offices

BME is a fast expanding firm, which has been operating for 20 years. We deliver business intelligence software to large and medium sized organisations internationally. BME implement, support and maintain these products, as well as provide consulting services to our client base. BME operate from offices in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1483 236 795

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