Qlik Sense Developer Training Workshop

BME Solutions - One Day Training in Qlik Sense Developer

Qlik Sense Developer Overview


This one day workshop consists of hands on exercises providing knowledge on Qlik scripting and data source integration. It aims to give attendees a good start in developing applications in Qlik Sense. It covers data modelling, loading data, connecting to databases and an introduction to the Qlik scripting language.

Topics covered

Attendees will perform instructor-led exercises that cover the following elements of Qlik Sense

Who is BME?
Who is Qlik?
What is Qlik Sense?
The Qlik Products


Key Concepts
Data Manager
Data Model Viewer
Data Load Editor


Data load wizards
Drag and drop data files
Creating a Connection
Pre-viewing data

The Script Editor
Loading a Table
Joining a Table
Renaming Fields
Where and Where Exists
Synthetic Keys
Composite Keys
Star and Snowflake Schemas
Apply map
If Statement


Master items


A basic working knowledge of databases and SQL would be advantageous.