Inside XL Reporting

Organisations tend to use Microsoft Excel for final report presentation and analysis. Users feel comfortable using spreadsheets because of their flexibility and ease of use. Imagine calling items from your underlying operation/transactional systems so that any number or text was instantly available in Microsoft Excel!

Finance users often produce the same Excel spreadsheet every month, or across different reporting elements (eg. departments). Inside links your underlying database to individual cells in Excel. Users can then produce refreshable Excel spreadsheets that read parameters like account code, department, month, year, etc.

Whether it is the accounting, sales, production, HR, or any other system – with Inside there is no re-inputting of numbers in Excel and you can drill down from a balance to the underlying transactions in a few mouse clicks.

It has never been so simple to run your reports: you can easily extract data into your spreadsheet. With only one click, you link a cell to the original data source… that’s it. You can use your Excel® spreadsheet for its primary purpose, (reports, charts, data grids,…), without the need to re-input your data.

Once your customised report is built, all cells are automatically updated for any range of report parameters, with each cell being linked to your database. You can create great looking reports and customise them by choosing various designs and criteria.

Inside’s powerful ETL module, will link live to your underlying databases, or link various databases together creating a datamart.

A new generation technology, Inside Studio, allows you to collect and merge data from various ERP systems. Whatever the source – payroll, accounting, sales, production, finance or Excel® tables, your data is sorted in the most relevant way before being stored into a global reference repository. This data warehouse stores and secures all your information in a single database.