Inside XL

Whether it is the accounting, sales, production, HR, or any other system - with Inside you can link individual Excel cells to your underlying ERP databases. Users can then produce refreshable Excel spreadsheets that are based on parameters like account code, department, month and year

Link Excel to your underlying data stores. Produce any report or dashboard in any format by intregrating your data sources with Microsoft Excel.


If you know Excel, you can use Inside XL


Inside reads data directly from data sources; you never need to re-type another number in Excel again


Collect and merge data from various ERP sources into a single Excel spreadsheet using Inside's data extract, translate, load tool


Drill down through balance and transactional information


With only one click, you link an Excel cell to the original data source


Use your existing Excel skills to create dashboards that bring live data from your underlying databases and transactional systems


Load Excel-based budgets and forecasts into the secure Inside data store


Link data from any source into your Excel spreadsheet

More about Inside XL

What's Inside XL?

Inside XL information brochure with details of product functionality

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Linking to data?

Inside's powerful ETL module, can link live to your underlying data

  • More about the ETL process

Video Demonstrations

Accounting Reporting

Sales Reporting

Payroll reporting

Treasury Reporting

Case Studies

St Mary’s University describe why they chose to implement Inside XL and how the software has allowed them to achieve true dynamic reporting. The university have linked Inside XL to their finance, procurement, student data & external geographic data. Read the full case study below