Inside XL Fundamentals Course (1 day)

Inside Fundamentals Prerequisites

This course assumes the participant has basic spreadsheets skills. The participant should be comfortable with cutting, copying and pasting. Understanding how to use formulas and assigning absolute and relative cell references is also important. Additionally participants should be familiar with basic accounting principles and have worked with at least one computer based accounting system.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will know how to

  • Configure Inside for Excel
  • Create detailed reports
  • Create summary reports
  • Create User Defined Outputs
  • Create and define Cell Links using the wizard
  • Create Pivot Table reports using the wizard
  • Drill down through balance & transactional information
  • Write back budgets & forecasts
  • Create validations for reports
  • Breakout reports by dimensions

Course Outline

The course takes the form of hands on training with all attendees performing Inside XL training exercises on their computers.

Who should attend

Those users who are responsible for the building and maintenance of Inside XL reports.