F9 Advanced Course (1 day)

F9 Fundamentals Prerequisites

This course assumes the participant has basic spreadsheet skills. The participant should be comfortable with cutting, copying and pasting. Understanding how to use formulas, cell references and assigning absolute and relative cell references is also important. Additionally participants should be familiar with basic accounting principles and have worked with at least one computer based accounting system.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will know how to

  • Create and use Financial Entities in F9
  • Use the WGL and WDESC functions to create and maintain budgets, forecasts and pro forma books
  • Use Artificial Segmentation in order to support user defined account  segmentation
  • Use the F9 Function Wizard
  • Utilize View Manager and Report Manager for production reporting
  • Be able to customize the spreadsheet including the creation of new toolbar buttons
  • Use basic macro’s with F9
  • Customize the spreadsheet and automate often repeated actions
  • Create dynamic reports relating to changing segment values
  • Introduction to creating, maintaining and developing F9 databases Introduction to automating the building of F9 databases.

Course Outline

The course takes the form of hands on training with all attendees performing F9 training exercises on their computers.

  • F9 Reporting
  • WGL and WDSEC Functions
  • Financial Entities
  • BSPEC: Using Mask and Artificial Segmentation
  • Function Wizard
  • View Manager
  • Attaching Charts and Graphs
  • Creating Simple Controls, such as Combo Boxes
  • Recording Macros
  • Creating Custom F9 Toolbars
  • Recalculating Excel Ranges
  • Production Reporting in Excel
  • Run F9 Report Macro
  • Creating Executive Information Systems
  • Definition files
  • Model load
  • GL File
  • Transactions load
  • Transactions post
  • Segment descriptions
  • Load Automation
  • Load Scheduling
  • Publishing Reports to the Web Introduction : F9 Application Build

Who should attend

Users who are responsible for the building and maintenance of F9 Professional reports and F9 databases. Length One day Location Your company premises or our training centre