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Anglia Ruskin University – Student Engagement Dashboard





Download the full 10 page case study here


Anglia Ruskin University have designed a student engagement dashboard to enable timely interventions to aid student retention, progress and success.


“Many HEIs are pursuing some form of student tracking via data analytics. None have yet created an effective means of tracking large cohorts as well as individuals, in a manner that is easily accessible and useable across a range of academic and support staff. It is our ambition to be a sector leader and innovator in this regard.” – Director of Student Services




The dashboard was built in partnership with Personal Tutors and the Students’ Union to ensure the university focused on the most useful data and delivered ease of use to encourage the greatest engagement for tutorials. The dashboard was developed:

·        to be able to quickly identify students at risk of withdrawing so the university could offer support
·        to increase retention and first-time progression rates
·        to help individual students understand their engagement with their studies and to enable them to make informed choices about greater involvement, promoting increased academic success
·        to understand why specific groups of students may be less engaged or successful, and develop actions to address this

“It’s actually allowing students to make informed choices about their learning behaviours, for them to recognise patterns in their learning behaviours, that may affect their ultimate degree classification. I was able to use the tool to flag up students potentially having issues and has allowed me as a personal tutor to direct the students appropriately for support.” – Senior Lecturer, Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences




The dashboard was developed using Qlik software, which can load and store data from an unlimited number of sources. The following main data sources were used:

·    Student registration statistics
·    Student attendance and timetabling
·    Student Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) usage statistics
·    Books Plus – student card initiation and spend
·    Student Library access statistics
·    Marks from student assessments
·    UK Visa information

The dashboard allows users to view data by any number of dimensions. Data can also be aggregated so it is possible to view engagement scores by dozens of criteria including Tutor name, Age, Course Name, Domicile Name, Entry Route, Ethnicity, Level of Study, Home address, Mode of Attendance, Study Year, etc, etc




In the first few months of going live Damien Murray, Retention and Progression Manager, reported that the dashboard was being used by around 350 university staff per month.  Usage is expected to increase as more university users become aware of the dashboard and its use in assisting student engagement and success.


Be excited about it because it is a tremendous tool. The best thing about it is that all this information is available to me in one place. It has allowed me to easily identify the students who are on the verge of losing their way and it has given me the tools to contact them individually to help improve their academic situation.” –  Lecturer in Computer Science and Cloud Computing



Download the full 10 page case study here