Inside XL Customer Testimonials

Inside has been deployed across many systems. Here are a few of our customer testimonials.

"This reporting solution was exactly what we wanted it to do. It is really dynamic and responsive in adapting to the users needs. Now we are free from the production of our reports, the figures and their formatting, everything is automatic! This leaves us more time to performs analysis of our core business. It really is the daily tool of the controller.
"The tool appeared clear and easy to use for non computer people like us. It allows us to get all our current states and reports on an exceptional basis at any time. We make changes almost continuously and we are responding fully to the needs of the new business."
"Today, all our dashboards and management reports are automated. Every month, we simply change the period and the update is performed. Results of our states are refined and decisions are therefore more appropriate."
"In the demonstration of this reporting solution we were immediately seduced. It was THE answer to our needs. In three days, we became fully autonomous and we have the desired result we were looking for."
"This is a real solution for accountants and controllers. Now, we have only one reporting solution that includes all our information. Which has saved time! And its simplicity immediately attracted the users."
"Saves time and increases reliability, it is a solution for reporting all our information. We get our data quickly. There are is no hard training and self-development is quick. This is an inexpensive and easy to use reporting tool."

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