Rant and Rave

Student feedback and sentiment in Higher Education

    Universities and students want the same thing – to deliver and receive an efficient and easy “customer” experience.  Every interaction creates an experience – good, bad or indifferent - and many interactions stem from lack of information. If that can be reduced, costs go down and revenue goes up.

    A reduction in the effort it takes for a student to engage with you will lead to an increase in their satisfaction.  Mobile is the perfect channel to engage students – our solutions are multi-channel but we practice a mobile first approach.

    Asking for feedback and then not taking action to follow up is worse than not asking at all! Social media is a place to celebrate your Ravers – prevent the problems from getting this far by addressing them early.

    • Giving students a voice to make them feel like true/valuable customers

    • Providing students with the ability to communicate 24/7 in real-time (moment of truth)

    • Reducing the effort to communicate, retaining student engagement and interest

    • Using a taxonomy to analyse student sentiment

    • Capturing feedback in students' own words, not as part of a leading/preconfigured survey

    • Displaying and categorising student feedback in a drillable dashboard, so that the university can interpret and take action

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