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The student cohort model

Planning Models has partnered with BME Solutions to provide planning solutions for universities and higher education colleges, using the software product Quantrix Modeler. A core component of the planning solutions is the student population forecast, which is, in turn, a driver of future staff resource requirements and many other aspects of the operational and financial plan. The student forecast module uses a cohort-based model which tracks each student cohort through academic years and the successive years of their course of study.

Quantrix Modeler and student population forecasting

The challenge of forecasting student population in a university or college is ideally suited to Quantrix Modeler. The model required is typically highly multidimensional, as it needs to cater for multiple courses of study, subjects, academic years and semesters, course of study years, academic departments and faculties, and demographic segmentation of the student population. It is difficult to handle such multidimensionality with a spreadsheet model. Keeping a spreadsheet model in line with changes to such structures can be a big headache. Other planning packages can handle dimensionality but tend to be rather rigid in their approach and expensive to acquire and implement.

What university customer say

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Case Study : Bath Spa University Student Income Forecasts with Quantrix Modeler

Demonstration Videos

Beginner demonstration of student cohort model in Quantrix
Completed demonstration of student cohort model in Quantrix

The student cohort model and wider financial planning

The student population is the lifeblood of a university or college. Hence, the student cohort model provides one of the cornerstones of overall operational and financial planning, as indicated below.

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